Cellulite Treatments: Eliminate Cellulite Fast with Effective Cellulite Treatments.

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Cellulite often rears its ugly head – so here are our tips for the best cellulite treatments to banish the orange peel

Cellulite can be the deal breaker between wearing your sexy shorts or your cover-all maxi dress.

It’s hard to eliminate orange peel altogether but there are lifestyle changes, beauty treatments and products that will help reduce its dimply appearance. ‘You cannot get rid of cellulite, but if you commit to a change in lifestyle you can reduce the existing condition and prevent it becoming worse,’ says Sarah Russell, master educator for natural cosmetics brand comfort zone.

Follow our plan to identify the three types of cellulite and how to treat them. It’s time to confront your dimpled skin, and send it on its way!

Edematous cellulite

‘During this stage, several changes occur that are invisible to the naked eye,’ says Russell. ‘There’s reduced capillary blood flow – due to an increased volume of fat cells – and fluid begins to accumulate in the tissues.’ Your skin appears slightly swollen and soft, and dimples are only apparent when the skin is pinched.

‘In this early stage of cellulite development, the area is usually quite soft and spongy, indicating the retention of fluid,’ says Russell.

‘Focus on improving the efficiency of your lymphatic system (your body’s waste disposal system), which relies on regular fluid intake. Aim to drink at least two liters of water every day.

How to tackle it: Get your massage technique right to tackle cellulite on a daily basis. You can knead cellulite on your tum, bum and thighs (use a lift and squeeze motion, as if you were kneading dough) or use heavy stroking movements to help shift stubborn pockets. Always stroke towards your heart to increase lymphatic drainage.

The best scrub: Tighten soft and doughy skin with Coffee Body Scrub. It combine best quality of organic coffee grounds with moisturizing, skin-soothing organic coconut oil and dead sea salt for an extra exfoliating kick. By massaging organic anti cellulite coffee body scrub onto any problem area, you’ll stimulate blood flow resulting in smoother, firmer skin. Caffeine is the #1 enemy of Cellulite, which tightens and provides antioxidants to the skin when applied topically. When applied religiously, it has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite.It is a great cellulite remover.

Cellulite Treatments

Orange peel cellulite

‘Fat cells increase in volume and capillaries are weakened due to the decline in microcirculation,’ says Russell. ‘This increases the pressure in the tissue and restricts fluid drainage and circulation even more.’

This stage is visible when you’re standing up and looks like ‘orange peel’. Your skin can also feel cool to the touch.

‘Exercise boosts circulation of the blood as well as the lymphatic system,’ says Russell. ‘Increasing blood circulation will improve the oxygenation and nutrition of cells, leading to an improved appearance of cellulite.’ Plus, exercise enhances the natural process of ‘lipolyses – our body’s process of breaking down fat to use as energy.

How to tackle it: Use 200g of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in your bath to improve the removal of toxins from the lymphatic system, as the magnesium boosts your waste elimination processes. Hit the sauna or the steam room after a workout, too – the heat dilates your blood vessels to improve your circulation.


Adipose cellulite

‘Lymphatic fluid has built up and circulation is reduced, causing metabolism in the cells to slow down,’ says Russell. ‘Cellulite may harden and become sensitive to touch, and your legs can feel heavy, swollen and fatigued.’ If you have this form of cellulite, it will be clearly visible when you are standing or even lying down.

‘Compromised blood flow can cause skin to be cold and sensitive or even painful, so choose spa treatments wisely,’ advises Russell. Cut sugar out of your diet where possible, as it triggers insulin production, which promotes the formation of fat cells. It can also harden collagen fibers which trap fat, reduce circulation and increase water retention.

The best cream: We love Cellulite Defense cream The gel-cream consistency is lightweight and glides over skin smoothly leaving behind only a cool, tingly sensation, and NO sticky residue. Its lightweight texture allows it to cover large areas so a little goes a long way for maximum use to get more bang for your buck! Used twice a day for 30 days, 87 per cent of people saw an improvement.

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(Source- Womensfitness)